Training in echosounder data processing with Echoview


An Echoview training course will provide you with the skills to understand your single-beam and/or multibeam echosounder data, and to process it efficiently and accurately using Echoview.

We offer a range of course options to suit your varying needs:

  • Online or face-to-face
  • Public or private
  • Fundamental or Advanced

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, we believe there is always more to learn with respect to:

  1. Echosounder theory
  2. Digital signal processing
  3. Echoview features
  4. Data-processing workflow

Please see below for the currently scheduled public courses and associated pricing.

For further details on Echoview training courses, please check out our training brochure.

If you can't find a public course to suit and/or you're interested in a private course, please email us at and let's work something out!

An Echoview training course brings "...clearness, the great way of teaching, making everything so clear and understandable, even the most scary equations. I came with no knowledge, and have the feeling I am ready to explore acoustics on my own, and that I understand the principles of it."
— Charlotte Havermans, Alfred Wegener Institute

Dr Toby Jarvis, Acoustician

Scheduled public courses and pricing

Fundamental and Advanced public courses for a variety of time zones are listed below.

If a registration link is not yet available for a listed course, please email to submit your interest.


USD 1200/person standard rate, USD 900/person student rate*

Please register at least 2 weeks before the course date to guarantee timely delivery of your course Echoview license dongle.

***New opportunity!!! We're currently canvassing interest in specialized training for wideband-echosounder data processing. Please let us know if you'd like to know more by emailing


“Better come correct”

Echosounder characterization (instrument calibration) and data calibration
USD 300/person**

“Clean sweep”

Data cleaning (unwanted samples, variance, noise, signal attenuation)
USD 500/person**

“Stay on target”

Target detection and tracking (point targets, volume targets)
USD 500/person**

“Classified information”

Target classification (point targets, volume targets, the bottom)
USD 500/person**

“Count on it”

Target characterization (echo counting, echo integration)
USD 500/person**

* These prices include delivery of a timed Echoview license dongle and a download link for the course materials. Optional extra – USD 100/person for delivery of a printed and bound Learner Guide and a USB stick with the course materials. 

** Optional extras – USD 100/person for delivery of a timed Echoview license dongle.

The Fundamental training course provides "...a really nice overview and introduction to the principles of hydroacoustics to actually establish a base knowledge of the underlying concepts. Having gone through this makes every data collection step and data processing process 100% more logical and allows you to build on that knowledge... I would recommend it without a doubt to every new student that will come into the lab and wants to work with hydroacoustics."
— Sebastian Theis, University of Alberta
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