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Training in echosounder data processing with Echoview

echoview online training course


We offer three types of course—fundamentals, advanced, and private—taught by an experienced trainer from the Echoview science team.

Explore the sections below for registration and further information. We look forward to seeing you for training soon!

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Fundamentals (5 days)

Our signature 5-day course will teach you the fundamentals of scientific echosounding.

Advanced (2 days)

Advanced courses explore in more detail each of the topics covered in a fundamentals course.


The ultimate tailored learning experience, private courses are customized to the unique needs of your group.


An Echoview training course brings "...clearness, the great way of teaching, making everything so clear and understandable, even the most scary equations. I came with no knowledge, and have the feeling I am ready to explore acoustics on my own, and that I understand the principles of it."
Charlotte Havermans, Alfred Wegener Institute

"It was well structured and easy to follow. Toby was a great teacher and explained topics very well. The materials provided will be incredibly useful in the future as well. Thank you."
Catherine Eckert, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Dr Toby Jarvis, Acoustician

Dr Toby Jarvis, Acoustician

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