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An Echoview training course combines theory with practice, providing you with the skills to understand and process your single-beam or multibeam echosounder data for a range of ecological applications (e.g. fish-stock assessment).

We offer a range of course options to suit your varying needs,

  • LEVEL—Fundamentals or advanced
  • FORMAT—Online or in person
  • GROUP—Public or private

If you can't find a public course to suit (see below), or if you're interested in a private course, please email us at and let's work something out!

For further details on Echoview training courses, please check out our training brochure.


A fundamentals course covers the key topics relevant to scientific echosounding, to provide a solid foundation for additional learning and real-world application.

ADVANCED—Calibration (2 days)

Echosounder characterization (instrument calibration) and data calibration.

ADVANCED—Data cleaning (2 days)

Theory and techniques for managing unwanted components of your echosounder data.

ADVANCED—Target detection and tracking (2 days)

Theory and techniques for detecting point, volume and surface targets, and tracking them through space and time (where applicable).

ADVANCED—Target classification (2 days)

Theory and techniques for differentiating and categorizing detected targets.

ADVANCED—Target characterization (2 days)

Echo counting and echo integration for characterizing target density, abundance and biomass.

ADVANCED—Multibeam data processing (2 days)

Theory and techniques for processing water-column multibeam-echosounder data collected in freshwater and marine environments.

ADVANCED—Automation (2 days)

Efficient and consistent data processing using the Echoview console and external scripts.

Dr Toby Jarvis, Acoustician

Dr Toby Jarvis, Acoustician

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