Echoview-Software-Alison-Wilcox.jpg Alison Wilcox Quality Assurance Lead and Software Developer Fish Pacific seahorse Hobbies Reading, video games, movies and board games with friends/family Random fact Played with lion cubs a couple of times
Ben Hendicks Profile Ben Hendriks Junior Software Developer Fish Humphead Wrasse Hobbies Cycling, gaming, coffee drinking, reading (mainly sci-fi), sports watching Random fact Endeavoring to release a 2D platformer on Steam in the not-too-distant future
Echoview-Software-Bernd-Wechner.jpg Bernd Wechner Quality Assurance Engineer Fish Babelfish Hobbies Taxi driver for 3 children, bicycles, tabletop games, home tech Random fact Hitch-hiked around Australia for a year on $5000 in 2001
Echoview-Software-Brett-Merritt.jpg Brett Merritt CEO Fish Golden perch Hobbies Bushwalking, camping, gardening Random fact Once mustered cattle on Prenti Downs Station
Echoview-Software-Briony-Hutton.jpg Briony Hutton Product Manager Fish Leafy seadragon Hobbies Exploring the outdoors, travel, cooking and enjoying a glass of wine Random fact Has pet geese for lawnmowers
Echoview-Software-Charles-Weld.jpg Charles Weld Software Architect Fish Sunfish Hobbies Bush walking, travel, strategy games (computer and board) Random fact Once walked 800km across Spain
Echoview-Software-Chris-Free.jpg Chris Free CFO/COO Fish Striped Trumpeter Hobbies Playing and watching sport and holidaying with family Random fact Has lived in the Netherlands for 5 years
Echoview-Software-David-Atkinson.jpg David Atkinson ICT Officer Fish Ram cichlid Hobbies Steam trains, old machinery, bush walking Random fact Bungee jumping into Waikato River in New Zealand
Echoview-Software-Gareth-Wright.jpg Gareth Wright Inside Sales Manager and Digital Marketing Coordinator Fish Mahi mahi fish Hobbies Family, friends, travel, sport, hanging out with my dog Bowie Random fact Amongst other strange bugs, has eaten tarantulas, jellyfish and snails
Echoview-Software-Geoff-Matt.jpg Geoff Matt Development Manager Fish Yellowtal kingfish Hobbies Photography, learning Japanese, all things bicycle Random fact Allegedly involved in crashing a spaceship into Mars
Echoview-Software-Haley-Viehman.jpg Haley Viehman Fisheries Acoustician Fish Atlantic herring Hobbies Travelling, art, being outside and playing with dogs that get close enough Random fact Credits herself with the discovery of the mashed potato omelette (patent pending)
Echoview-Software-Leonie-Ramsay.jpg Leonie Ramsay Sales Officer Fish Coral trout Hobbies Anything water sports related, bushwalking and travelling Random fact Jumped 15,000ft out of a small plane
Echoview-Software-Mathew-Woods.jpg Mathew Woods Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer Fish Manta ray Hobbies Finding time to play Nintendo console games while chasing after a 2yr old Random fact Proposed to his wife by asking her to play a heavily modified custom ROM of Super Mario Bros 3 which had Mario pop the question at the end to Princess Peach
Echoview-Software-Pushkar-Piggot.jpg Pushkar Piggot Senior Developer Fish Octopus Hobbies Moving house, domestic renovation, goat husbandry Random fact Stands up to work
Echoview-Software-Miranda-Hunt.jpg Miranda Hunt Quality Assurance Engineer Fish Cuttlefish Hobbies Food, foraging and disco Random fact Once spent (too) many hours researching and compiling a playlist of songs featuring double-claps
Miriam neon tetra.jpg Miriam Rule Marketing Manager Fish Neon Tetra Hobbies Painting seascapes, walking on beaches, kayaking, piano, spending time with family and friends, food and wine (emphasis on the wine) Random fact I played the Mock Turtle in a High School Production of Alice in Wonderland
Echoview-Software-Sarah-Woods.jpg Sarah Woods Finance and administration officer Fish Pufferfish Hobbies Collecting, playing Nintendo and making her two-year old do the “yay dance” Random fact Saw Fight Club at the cinema seven times
Echoview-Software-Stuart-Orchard.jpg Stuart Orchard Junior Software Developer Fish Horseshoe crab Hobbies Video games, jiu-jitsu, board and card games Random fact Has over 7000 hours clocked in to video games on Steam
Echoview-Software-Suenor-Woon.jpg Suenor Woon Documentation lead Fish Blue tang Hobbies Reading, cooking, keeping up with her teenage son Random fact Was a glaciologist for three years and spent a summer in Antarctica in 1995/6
Echoview-Software-Syed-Abdul-Salam.jpg Syed Abdul Salam Machine Learning Engineer Fish Pelican eel Hobbies Watching documentaries, cricket and social media Random fact Worked estimating radar attenuation, englacial temperatures and geothermal heat flux under the Antarctic Ice sheet
Echoview-Software-Tim-Chalke.jpg Tim Chalke Business Development Manager Fish Flying fish Hobbies Family adventures, travelling, renovating, cycling Random fact Got snowed on during a freak storm in Namibia, Africa after hiking the Fish River Canyon
Echoview-Software-Toby-Jarvis.jpg Toby Jarvis Acoustician Fish Opakapaka Hobbies Surfing, drumming, music recording and production, hanging with the dog, mountain biking, glamping and making stuff Random fact Once went for 10 days without talking
Echoview-Software-Vasaant-Krishnan.jpg Vasaant Krishnan Technical Writer Fish Green sea turtle Hobbies Reading, cycling, jogging, bushwalking and spending time with family and friends Random fact Has so far toured parts of New Zealand, Malaysia and Italy on bicycle
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