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Maintenance and Technical Support

Maintenance and Technical Support Team

Get the most out of Echoview with Maintenance and Technical Support

Echoview standard licenses are perpetual: you have access to the version of Echoview that is available at the time of purchase forever. An ongoing Echoview Maintenance and Technical Support (MATS) subscription offers you a cost-effective way to keep up to date with the latest technology, with the added benefit of having direct access to exceptional technical support and advice.

Stay in the game with a MATS subscription

You have invested in hardware, software, and data acquisition. Echoview MATS will help protect that investment by providing you with instant access to the very latest Echoview version – including regular updates, new features and capabilities, and improvements in performance and ease-of-use.

Echoview MATS also gives you priority access to the expertise of our technical support team – a priceless resource that adds valuable experience and knowledge to your own team.

It is better value to have maintenance than pay upgrade fees for each version of Echoview. If you have a budget cycle, we can provide quotes and pricing for extended maintenance and support contracts.

Get the most out of your grant: If your funding is through a one-time grant, you can still get all the benefits of an ongoing Echoview MATS subscription. Let us provide quotes and pricing for extended maintenance and support contracts up front, as part of your one-time funding, which will ensure you won’t be left behind in the years to come.

Echoview customer support

How does a MATS subscription keep you ahead?

Keep pace with the latest technology

The Echoview team works constantly to provide you with:

  • Regular software updates
    • Bug fixes and other improvements to releases that are currently available
    • New major releases that include a wide variety of new features
  • Quality assurance work
  • Comprehensive help file, tutorials, and other self-education resources
  • Support for the latest hardware and technologies
  • Keeping up to date with Windows operating systems and updates

Responsive support, when and where you need it

Echoview technical support

Our outstanding technical support is an integral part of the Echoview product. Support doesn’t stop at just software, though. Our team of marine scientists has vast experience from all around the globe on a wide range of hydroacoustic projects. This allows us to provide support that is focused on your aims, your data, and your possible methods and workflows. Our support team can help you with:

  • Software use and application
  • Use of modules
  • Echoview workflow
  • Project specific advice and solutions
  • Data specific advice and solutions
  • Hardware use and application

To see what we've added in recent releases, have a look at our release notes.

What customers said about Echoview MATS

“The cost of MATS is worth it for support alone.”
— 2019 customer feedback survey

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