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If you’ve already taken the fundamentals course, or it isn’t the best fit for your needs, please email us at so that we can understand your learning requirements and organize customized training for you as soon as possible.

Custom courses can be tailored for all levels of experience. They can be public or private, online or in-person, any duration, and can cover any combination of single beam echosounder (SBES) and multibeam echosounder (MBES) topics, including,

  • A review of your current processes
  • Workflow techniques — Calibration; data cleaning; target detection and tracking; target classification; target density, abundance, and biomass
  • Echoview automation — the Console; COM automation scripts
  • Applications — Riverine multibeam/imaging sonar; marine fish stock assessment; monitoring around renewable energy sites; aquaculture monitoring; etc.
  • Technologies — Wideband/broadband; multibeam; moorings; autonomous platforms; etc.
  • Anything else you might need that’s not covered above—let’s chat!

Also be sure to check out our scheduled courses to see if there is already something there for you.

Course materials

A temporary Echoview license will be supplied for use during the course, as well as a download link for all the necessary training materials. Attendees are also encouraged to use their own data if available.

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