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Echoview Software for Marine

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How it works?

Echoview Software tailors solutions for the analysis of hydroacoustic data collected in marine environments. Echoview® supports the most commonly used echosounder and sonar file formats, for data collected from virtually any platform (e.g. research vessels, towed platforms, USVs, ROVs, moorings) and configuration, and its many built-in processing and visualization tools can be applied onboard or back in the office.

How Echoview Software for Marine Work
Echoview can support complex processing via use of operators created in the Dataflow window, and many linked visualization and analysis windows.

Features of Marine Echoview Software

Marine stock assessment

Stock assessments are critical for the management of marine resources. Echoview was designed for this purpose, in close collaboration with the world's leading fisheries research institutes.

Echoview facilitates high-quality marine stock assessments by providing an extensive collection of powerful, yet easy-to-use, tools for viewing, processing, quantitative analysis, and interpretation of single beam, split beam and multibeam data.

Behavior and ecology

Echosounder data can provide spatial and temporal insights at unrivaled resolution and scale, for individual or aggregated organisms that range from plankton to marine mammals.

Echoview's dynamic and user-friendly tools allow you to create customized processing routines to identify and characterize these features in your hydroacoustic data, and to extract robust metrics for use in biological assessments from behavior to ecology.

Echoview can additionally be automated to facilitate processing large or long-term acoustic datasets more rapidly.

Some of the applications of Echoview in hydroacoustic behavior and ecology assessments include:

  • tracking animal movements (e.g. diel vertical migrations)
  • characterization of the deep scattering layer
  • classification to calculate the density of different types of organisms
  • prey field distribution in space and time
  • animal interactions with man-made structures
  • assessing effects of natural or man-made changes to the environment

What customer are saying about Echoview Software

“Echoview and in particular the variety of tools that its virtual echogram module offers, turned the complex processing sequences into, fast, simple and easy to handle steps.”
— Dr. Serdar Sakinan - Middle East Technical University in Turkey
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