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Echoview offers three licensing options for your organization: Analysis Suite, Survey Suite, and Habitat Classification.

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  • Analysis Suite

    For those needing the full power of Echoview and its extensive tools for exploring, processing, and analyzing hydroacoustic data.

  • Survey Suite

    Designed to support the collection, visualization, and cataloging of echosounder data, whether in the field or in the office.

  • Habitat Classification

    Characterize and classify the nature of submerged vegetation and the bottom from echosounder backscatter measurements.

Echoview 13: powerful, intelligent, efficient

  • Enhanced user experience

    Discover the many new features that will empower you to streamline your workflow and extract the best results from your data

  • Our biggest and most exciting release ever

    With valuable functionality and the latest technologies

  • Availability

    Echoview 13 is available to all license holders with an up-to-date MATS plan or an active subscription or lease


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Echoview 14 beta
News Echoview 14 is now available for beta testing!

We are excited to announce that Echoview 14 beta is now available for download.

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Links of the month Links of the month: August 2023

Read the publications from the Echoview user community for August 2023.

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Echoview 14 operators time difference webite
News Coming soon in Echoview 14: multibeam resampling, data combining, and other new operators

Echoview 14 includes four handy new operators: Join opposing pings, Ping time difference, Resample multibeam pings, and Combine fans.

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Echoview 14 transects blue curved
News Coming soon in Echoview 14: transect-based analyses

Echoview 14 will include the ability to easily define and work with transects in acoustic datasets.

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SPFRMO chile echoview
Events Free Echoview workshop at the SPRFMO Symposium

We are excited to announce that registration is now open for a free 1-day Echoview workshop to be held in Concepción, Chile.

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