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Echoview Workflow

Use Echoview to process your hydroacoustic data according to a logical workflow


Visualize and explore your acoustic and ancillary data in the form of echograms, maps, graphs, tables and 4D scenes


Convert your raw acoustic data into absolute measurements of backscatter that are correctly positioned in space and time


Identify and mitigate background noise, intermittent noise, missing data and other unwanted components


Define the bottom depth, detect aggregations (schools detection) and single targets (e.g. individual fish), track targets over multiple pings (fish tracking) and partition your data however you choose


Perform absolute and probabilistic single- and multi-frequency echo-trace classification


Calculate and export analyses for extensive data characterization and for further analysis of your acoustic data products with your choice of third-party software


Save your dataflow for application to other datasets. Write scripts (instructions for Echoview) in your preferred programming language

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