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Coming soon in Echoview 14: transect-based analyses

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Transects to partition your hydroacoustic data analysis

Echoview is happy to introduce the concept of transects - a new layer of information that makes it easy to work with the desired portions of a dataset (such as periods of time a vessel was moving along a transect vs. off-transect periods).

Transects can be defined in Echoview by manually drawing them on cruise tracks or in echograms, or by importing times from a transect.csv file.

Transects can be defined by manually drawing them on cruise tracks or echograms, or imported using a specific text file format. The orange bars below the echogram on the left indicate which pings are included in each transect.

The new Transect Subset operator allows data to be reduced to only the pings that fall within the defined transects.

Analyses can now be exported at the transect level, or at cell and region level within transects.

Transect definitions can be exported to a .csv file for use elsewhere.

Echoview 14 will be available for beta testing very soon.

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