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Coming soon in Echoview 14: a 3D transducer geometry widget to orient your data

Echoview 14 3D transducer geometry widget
29 August, 2023

A key step in preparing hydroacoustic data for analysis is establishing the correct location of your sample data, e.g. via the configuration of transducer orientation. Echoview allows you to define the pointing direction of transducers in a properties dialog where degrees of elevation, azimuth, and beam rotation can be entered (or converted from alongship and athwartship angles).

For horizontal or upward-looking deployments, it can be hard to be fully certain that your transducer orientation is configured correctly. To make this easier, Echoview 14 brings an interactive 3D widget to visualize transducer orientation, allowing you to confirm that the pointing direction of your single beam or multibeam echosounder is just as you intended.


Echoview 14’s interactive transducer orientation widget, which includes an option to show a single beam or a multibeam fan.

Echoview 14 will be available for beta testing in the coming weeks.

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