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Coming soon in Echoview 13: support for new file formats

Echoview 13 sneak peak file formats.png

Echoview is committed to providing compatibility with an unrivalled range of active echosounders and sonars.

Our close and ongoing collaborations with hardware manufacturers and the broader hydroacoustic research community results in Echoview 13 supporting additional hardware and updates to existing file formats.

Echoview 13 will include support for:

Echoview 13 - Blueprint Subsea Oculus.gif
Oculus imaging sonar data (kindly shared by Blueprint Subsea).
Echoview 13 Norbit iSTX360
Simrad MF90 omni sonar data (kindly shared by Kongsberg Maritime AS).
Echoview 13 Simrad omnisonar netCDF.jpg
R2Sonic multifrequency multibeam data (kindly shared by R2Sonic LLC).
Echoview 13 r2Sonic long.png
R2Sonic multifrequency multibeam data (kindly shared by R2Sonic LLC).

We’ve also added Echocheck support for FurunoFSV-30R and the latest Simrad ME70 file formats.

These additions build on our already extensive list of compatible systems - Echoview supports data from over 75 echosounders and sonars across 17 brands. For a full list please see here.

Echoview 13 will be available in the second half of 2022.

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