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Echoexplore hydroacoustic data catalog
News Echoview Software is excited to launch Echoexplore 4!

Discover the easy way to manage your hydroacoustic data files so that you can focus on your analyses.

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Echoview hydroacoustic World Water Day
News World Water Day 2024

Celebrating the theme of “Water for Peace”.

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Florida International University hydroacoustics
News Industry jobs with Florida International University

Postdoctoral fellow positions at the Marine Ecology and Acoustics Lab in the Institute of Environment.

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Echoexplore Hydroacoustic Data File Catalog 2024
News Echoexplore 4 is coming soon!

An update to our hydroacoustic file management tool is on its way.

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News Echoview Software celebrates International Women’s Day 2024

We proudly join in the global celebrations championing the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

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News Industry jobs with CSIRO based in Hobart (Australia)

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is advertising for an Ocean Mapping Specialist.

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News Industry jobs with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI)

WHOI is currently advertising for Tenure Track Scientist (Ocean Acoustics) and a Postdoctoral Investigator (USA).

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How to create transects Echoview 14
News Creating transects in Echoview: a how-to video

We’re excited to share a series of “how-to” videos highlighting the fantastic new features in Echoview 14, and in the first video, we're unveiling transects!

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Classroom photo
News Echoview Software hosts a 1-day data-processing workshop in Chile

Find out more about the Echoview 1-day data-processing workshop in Concepción, Chile following the SPRFMO Symposium on the State of the Art of Habitat Monitoring.

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News Industry jobs: the ERI and The Thünen Institute for Baltic Sea Fisheries

Positions are currently being advertised for a Funded PhD and Fisheries Biologist.

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