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World Ocean Day 2022

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The ocean is the heart of everything we do, it’s our passion, our people, and our work.

Today on World Ocean Day, we’re celebrating the shores on which Echoview finds itself and sharing the #30x30 movement.

A healthy ocean is a critical part of the world’s biodiversity and climate. The 30x30 movement aims to protect our planet’s life support systems with the 2022 Conservation Action Focus calling for the protection of at least 30% of our blue planet by 2030. On this day we have an opportunity to raise global awareness of the benefits humankind derives from the ocean and the individual and collective duty to use its resources sustainably.

So today we are celebrating our global oceans and sharing the message about the importance of protection, for now, and for future generations.

Do you want to know more about how hydroacoustics can support our oceans? See our video below.

Echoview celebrates World Ocean Day 2022
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