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Welcome Ziggy: meet our newest Junior Software Developer

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19 June, 2023

Echoview Software is delighted to welcome Ziggy as the newest member of our team

With a background in both science and ICT, Ziggy brings a unique blend of skills and knowledge to our team.

Having graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Science with Honors and a Bachelor of ICT, Ziggy's passion for physics and software development is evident in his academic achievements. During his time at university, Ziggy majored in physics and software development. His honors project involved studying the geodetic precession of jets from active galactic nuclei. For this he conducted numerical fluid simulations modelling tens of millions of years of evolution of the jets and consequent lobes, and studying the resultant density, pressure and radio emissivity.

This project showcased Ziggy's dedication and commitment to scientific research but also highlighted his skills in programming and software development. He is excited to put his skills to work at Echoview Software, which offers the perfect blend of his two degrees.

When Ziggy is not immersed in his work, he can be found engaging in various activities. These include playing bike polo with the Hobart Bike Polo Club, enjoying games with friends, embarking on exciting adventures around the state of Tasmania, and working on his own software and science projects. He rarely has a spare moment!

Ziggy's commitment and enthusiasm for continuous learning and personal growth make him a valuable asset to our team. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Ziggy. We are thrilled to have him on board.

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