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New release now available: Echoview 12 delivers an abundance for all

31 May, 2021

Echoview 12 is available to all license holders with an up-to-date Maintenance and Technical Support (MATS) subscription. Is your MATS subscription current? Please contact us to check at

Release highlights:

  • More features in the Calibration Assistant, including wideband calibration and a built-in sphere calculator.
  • Responsiveness and performance improvements: use Echoview while calculations are in progress, cancel exports, and calculate faster.
  • Better results from the multibeam school detection algorithm when pings intersect.
  • Mouse pointer duplication across visible echogram, graph, and cruise track windows, making it easy to inspect and cross-reference your data.
  • Time-variable synchronization of ship acoustics and towed cameras, allowing comparison of echosounder and camera data from the same volume of water.
  • A multitude of improvements to the synchronization of data
  • Options to fix limits and customize labels in graphs
  • Support for more hardware. Now compatible with:
    • Nortek Signature narrowband echosounder data
    • Furuno FCV-38 fish finder data in SONAR-netCDF4 format
    • Simrad EC150-3C transducer data
    • Simrad ME70 data recorded by software version 1.4.0
    • Comment tuples in BioSonics dt4 files
  • Licensing changes, including some module renaming, and providing the features of the now removed Media module to all users

There’s plenty more to be found in the links below, too.

For more on our new features in Echoview 12, you can see our latest release page or download a brochure, and the complete list is fully detailed in the Echoview help file.

Echoview 12 can be downloaded from our website or, if you have a previous version of Echoview already installed, the new version can be accessed by starting Echoview, going to the Help menu and then clicking Check For Updates.

A live webinar demonstrating the new features in Echoview 12 is available here.

Did you know? Our new annual subscription license offering might be what you need to get started within your budget, or even to complete your research right now. To work with your data using the flexibility and power of Echoview, get in touch at

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