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Meet Priya, our newest Quality Assurance Engineer

Priya Kitchener2
31 July, 2023

We are pleased to welcome Priya to the team

We are pleased to welcome Priya to the Echoview Software Team in the role of Quality Assurance Engineer.

Priya has a varied professional background that began with pursuing an Arts degree in Ancient History and Philosophy. This then evolved into a double degree in Arts and Sciences (at the University of Tasmania), enabling her to major in Chemistry and extensively study mathematics. Subsequently, she had the opportunity to travel and study in Europe and India, where she spent a total of two years during her undergraduate degree. During this time, she completed an internship in Austria in Separation Sciences and studied Tibetan philosophy and language in Varanasi.

Upon returning to Tasmania, she undertook a Bachelor of Antarctic Science with Honors through research at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS). She devoted time to completing her thesis and producing sufficient data to contribute to a larger study.

She started her career in Science at IMAS, working in the sediment science laboratory as both an honors student and a general laboratory technician. During this time, she learned about past climates, particularly in the Pacific Ocean and Southern Ocean, and became aware of the significant climate modeling research taking place at IMAS. Following the completion of her degree, she pursued a Master of Teaching and dedicated the next six years teaching mathematics and science (mainly mathematics) in Tasmanian schools.

“Teaching taught me to communicate, be curious, and be organized, and it also allowed me to interact with the Science community in Tasmania. During my time as a teacher, I undertook several courses, including in Python, and I became more interested in Computer Science.”

When asked about why she is pleased to be part of our team she explains, “I’m excited to be joining Echoview Software because of the fantastic opportunity for learning, as well as the opportunity to contribute to the developments in the hydroacoustic technology industry. I was attracted to Echoview because of the scope and diversity in the applications of the software. Many Echoview projects and case studies on the website showcase cutting-edge research and data gathering in vastly different environments. I find it amazing that Echoview can be so widely applicable, and that employees can be helping with so many different projects. There is also the opportunity to learn new skills in a highly specialized and supportive team; a team which has a particularly good gender ratio.”

With Priya’s artistic background, she also finds inspiration in the echograms generated by Echoview.

“I’ve looked at some truly beautiful images and echograms from research around the world; some of these images are mesmerizing and capture patterns in nature that are impossible for us to see without this software. During my undergraduate degree, I was fortunate to be studying Humanities and the Sciences and to be thinking about concepts across both disciplines. In a way, Echoview is similar, it is a highly complex technical undertaking but the output has almost artistic merit.”

Priya goes on to talk about what she is looking forward to working on at Echoview Software.

“I’m excited to be working on a science software product that is used in over 65 countries. I’m also enthusiastic about working on future projects with new clients and colleagues. There are opportunities for collaboration with new and emerging industries, in countries and organizations that haven’t yet adopted the software, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the software will be used.”

In her spare time, Priya teaches Salsa and Bachata at a dance school that she co-founded in Hobart.

“There hasn’t been a great deal of partner dancing in Hobart and our little dance school has generated a wonderful community of dancers, many of whom are international students from the University of Tasmania. I also freedive and spearfish in Tasmania’s diverse and unique waterways; I love exploring the east coast and the islands around the south with my Dad.”

Welcome to the team Priya.

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