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We are pleased to welcome Mike to our UK office as Regional Sales Manager (Europe)

Mike Palin and Kangaroo
27 July, 2023

Meet our newest team member Mike Palin

With an established background in global sales and supply-chain management, Mike brings nearly two decades of commercial experience to the team.

Mike has spent the majority of his career in complex manufacturing environments, ranging from Transducer manufacturing, Civil and Military Aerospace, Commercial and Military Maritime, Wind Energy, and Oil & Gas. During this time, Mike has gained valuable insight into the varied procurement and sales cycles of these industries.

After spending most of his career in manufacturing, Mike is looking forward to the different challenges and rewards that come from working for a class-leading software development company.

With a passion for marine life, Mike is excited to see more of the projects where Echoview’s data processing is used for the understanding and sustainable use of aquatic resources, to support habitat improvements.

In his early days at Echoview, he has remarked on just how integrated the people, and the organisation, are with the marine scientific community.

“With the world’s eyes now focused as much on the oceans and seas, as they are the land, it is incredibly exciting to be part of a company and product that is integral to the science and research in support of improvements to our marine and freshwater ecosystems. This approach of leading from the front certainly sets Echoview apart from the norm,” said Mike.

When Mike is not enjoying time with the family on the Isle of Wight (UK), he can be found either in his woodworking shop, watching F1, or supporting his local community with Round Table.

Welcome to the team Mike, we are delighted to have you on board.

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