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Links of the month: May 2021

1 June, 2021

Read the publications from the Echoview user community for May.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Investigate Deep-Pelagic Ecosystem Dynamics in the Gulf of Mexico Following Deepwater Horizon

Acoustic survey for estimating density of anchovy schools in the south sea of Korea

Comparison of fish assemblages aggregated by artificial reefs using scuba diving and acoustic surveys

Deep learning with self-supervision and uncertainty regularization to count fish in underwater images

Dense mesopelagic sound scattering layer and vertical segregation of pelagic organisms at the Arctic-Atlantic gateway during the midnight sun

Development of a Biomass Assessment Method Using Fisheries Echo Sounder for Monitoring Whitebait Fishery in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Estimating the sampling efficiencies of a framed midwater trawl and ring net for zooplankton using an acoustic method

Environmental factors associated with silver carp presence and relative abundance near an invasion front to inform removal efforts

First target strength measurement of Trachurus mediterraneus and Scomber colias in the Mediterranean Sea

Foraging behaviour and movements of an ambush predator reveal benthopelagic coupling on artificial reefs

High-Resolution Sampling of a Broad Marine Life Size Spectrum Reveals Differing Size- and Composition-Based Associations With Physical Oceanographic Structure

Increasing Occurrence of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna on Atlantic Herring Spawning Grounds: A Signal of Escalating Pelagic Predator–Prey Interaction?

In situ broadband acoustic measurements of age-0 walleye pollock and pointhead flounder in Funka Bay, Hokkaido, Japan

Krill availability in adjacent Adélie and gentoo penguin foraging regions near Palmer Station, Antarctica

Measuring tailbeat frequencies of three fish species from Adaptive Resolution Imaging Sonar (ARIS) data

Seasonal dynamics in fish distribution and abundance revealed by an acoustic survey in coastal waters of the Suzu Area, Kochi Prefecture, Japan

The response of Daphnia to nutrient additions and kokanee abundance in Dworshak Reservoir, Idaho 

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