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Links of the month: July 2023

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10 August, 2023

Read the publications from the Echoview user community for July 2023

Acoustic fish species identification using deep learning and machine learning algorithms: A systematic review

A Bayesian inverse approach to identify and quantify organisms from fisheries acoustic data

Acoustic study on the distribution of marine life in the sea around the water intake of nuclear power plants (in Korean)

An initial ecological characterization of mesopelagic fauna at Johnston Atoll and Musicians Seamounts

Analysis of Target Strength and Density of Tiger Grouper (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus) Using Acoustic Methods on Lancang Island, Thousand Islands (in Indonesian)

Characterizing the Sound-Scattering Layer and Its Environmental Drivers in the North Equatorial Current of the Central and Western Pacific Ocean

Consistent edge effect patterns revealed using continuous surveys across an Eastern Mediterranean no-take marine protected area

Fish in Kongsfjorden under the influence of climate warming

Observing fish interactions with marine energy turbines using acoustic cameras

Quantifying Food Web Interactions and Limitations for Native Salmonids in Ross Lake, WA and Implications for the Introduction of Anadromous Salmonids

Schrödinger's fish: Examining the robotic observer effect on pelagic animals

Spatiotemporal Distribution of Small Pelagic Fish Schools in the Western Algerian Coast

Trophic Dominance by an Assemblage of Invasive Fishes in a Large River (preprint)

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