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Links of the month: December 2021

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Read the publications from the Echoview user community for December.

Acoustic correction factor estimate for compensating the vertical diel migration of small pelagic species

Collecting quality echosounder data in inclement weather

Combined video–hydroacoustic survey of nearshore semi-pelagic rockfish in untrawlable habitats

Distribution of acoustic fish backscatter associated with natural and artificial reefs in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Distributions of environmental parameters and fish at Humbold Bay, Jayapura

Fixed point acoustic monitoring of marine organisms in open water intake channel of nuclear power plant

Krill and salp faecal pellets contribute equally to the carbon flux at the Antarctic Peninsula

Remote acoustic detection and characterization of fish schooling behavior

Risso's dolphins perform spin dives to target deep-dwelling prey

Sea-ice derived meltwater stratification slows the biological carbon pump: results from continuous observations

Seabird distribution is better predicted by abundance of prey than oceanography. A case study in the Gulf of Cadiz (SW, Iberian Peninsula)

Sound Scattering Layers Within and Beyond the Seychelles-Chagos Thermocline Ridge in the Southwest Indian Ocean

Target strength measurement of Caroun croaker (Johnius sp.) and acoustic fish density estimation in Musi Estuary, South Sumatra

The history of hydroacoustic surveys on small pelagic fishes in the European Mediterranean Sea

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