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Introducing Louise: Echoview’s newest Hydroacoustics Specialist

26 April, 2023

Meet the latest addition to Echoview's Science Team

Louise joins Echoview Software with over 20 years’ experience in marine acoustics focused on using acoustic techniques to document resource use by marine animals: the need for which is especially critical in efforts to protect living marine organisms in a changing ocean.

For her Ph.D., Louise used hydroacoustic survey data to quantify the krill preyfield available to feeding blue whales in Monterey Bay, California. This work facilitated estimates of foraging efficiency available to the whales during a neutral year and the potential impact on prey availability during a strong El Niño year. Most recently she has worked at two tidal energy sites in eastern North America where her role was to use hydroacoustic data to help industry, regulators, and stakeholders understand the potential risk to fish posed by the introduction of tidal energy devices into the habitat.

In addition to research, Louise has a strong interest in education. She participated in the Marine Bioacoustics Course at the Friday Harbor Marine Labs in Washington, USA for more than a decade. Louise was first introduced to, and intrigued by, Echoview Software in 2005 when Echoview first participated in the Friday Harbor Labs course.

Louise is excited to relocate from Maine in the United States to join the Echoview Software science team in Hobart. The opportunity allows her to combine her two professional passions: advancing hydroacoustic techniques in the service of understanding aquatic ecosystems and advancing user knowledge and skill through customer support and training.

When Louise isn’t at work, she’ll be engaging her third passion: adventure and exploration by exploring Tasmania’s outdoors and local history, and taking advantage of access to art-house movies, live music, and fabric arts.

Welcome aboard Louise!

Photo credit: Kathleen Ballard

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