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Industry job opportunities with the Environmental Research Institute (ERI)

11 January, 2023

The Environmental Research Institute (ERI) is recruiting two Research Fellows in Renewable Energy and Marine Sensing.

The ERI is part of North Highland College, a partner in the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI). Located in Thurso, on the north coast of Scotland, the ERI is close to many outstanding marine resources with excellent proximity to marine energy sites for research and innovation opportunities.

The positions are:

Research Fellow (permanent): Renewable Energy and the Environment

Closing date for applications: 3 February

The successful candidate will join the multi-disciplinary group working to advance understanding of the biophysical interactions of marine and offshore renewable energy with the environment. This permanent (open-ended) position seeks contribution to existing projects, to complement or diversify existing strengths, and become the next wave of leadership informing sustainable use of oceans.

Coordinated and scalable marine sensing and measurement systems are vital to increased understanding of our seas. Activities will support existing projects including PREDICT and PELAgIO focusing on offshore wind, and a wide diversity of projects on wave and tidal steam energy, as well as expanding their portfolio of projects.

For further information and to apply for this position please click here.

Research Fellow (2 year appointment, potential to extend): Marine Sensing

Closing date for applications: 3 February

The Research Fellow will develop activities in marine sensing. The researcher will benefit from the purpose-built ‘Centre for Energy and the Environment’ in Thurso, comprising modern offices, instrumentation and electronics laboratories, workshops, and access to the Pentland Firth via ERI’s research boat ‘Aurora’.

The candidate will support design, development, upgrade and deployment of autonomous marine multi-sensor platforms to investigate the environmental effects of large-scale offshore and marine renewable energy.

For further information and to apply for this position please click here.

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