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Creating transects in Echoview: a how-to video

How to create transects Echoview 14
6 December, 2023

How do you create transects in Echoview?

We’re excited to share a series of “how-to” videos highlighting the fantastic new features in Echoview 14, and in the first video, we're unveiling transects!

Echoview 14 elevates your data analysis game with its support for transect-based analysis. Now, you can effortlessly identify the sections of your raw data that matter the most.

Whether you're tracking vessel movement along transects or delving into stationary data in time series, transects are the cutting-edge feature you need to partition your data based on your unique requirements. Imagine isolating and examining periods when a vessel was moving along a transect versus off-transect intervals - Echoview 14 makes this possible.

There are multiple ways to define transects in Echoview 14:

  • Use the vertical band tool to create selections on a cruise track or echogram.
  • Access the transect properties dialog box.
  • Import a CSV file containing transect definitions.

Our how-to video provides a step-by-step guide to mastering these transect options and unlocking the potential of Echoview 14.

Keep your eyes open for more how-to videos, and find all Echoview videos on our YouTube channel.

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