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Echoview Software is pleased to be exhibiting at AFAS 2023 in Shanghai, China


Echoview Software is delighted to be a silver sponsor of the Asian Fisheries Acoustics Society annual meeting (AFAS2023) taking place in Shanghai, China, 13-16 November.

AFAS has been successfully organizing annual meetings since 2007 when the society was established in Dalian, China. The meetings have played a pivotal role in advancing the fields of fisheries acoustics in the Asian region.

This event warmly welcomes both oral and poster presentations, aiming to stimulate meaningful discussions across four specific topics: acoustic technology, theory and target strength, acoustic application and acoustics used in marine ranches and fresh water.

Scientists, researchers, and professionals in the fields of fisheries acoustics, as well as other areas of fishery research, are encouraged to participate.

Bringing more than 25 years of experience in hydroacoustic science and software development, Echoview Software eagerly anticipates meaningful discussion on acoustics related to fisheries management at AFAS2023.

Echoview® is our premier product recognized globally for its unmatched comprehensiveness, flexibility, and reliability in hydroacoustic data processing. It manages data from a wide range of echosounders and sonars, while adapting to configurations on both mobile and stationary platforms.

Echoview empowers users with the ability to visually explore and analyze data, facilitating comprehensive studies of both the water column and seabed, supporting a wide range of hydroacoustic research and projects.

Product Manager, Briony Hutton, is set to deliver a presentation on our latest developments, and will be on hand to discuss all things related to hydroacoustic data processing. Our Sales Manager, Rowland Washington, will be available to address any enquiries around the use of Echoview, licensing, services, training and more.

Our participation at AFAS 2023 highlights our commitment to advancing our expertise in this field and collaborating with industry leaders on sustainable fisheries management.

We invite you to visit our booth, explore our software up close, and engage with our experts to see how Echoview is making a significant impact on the fisheries sector.

If you wish to schedule a meeting with Echoview Software during the event or arrange a meetup in the vicinity, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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