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Echoview's women of hydroacoustics software - Miranda

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Interview with Echoview's Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer – Miranda Hunt

As part of the International Women in Science Day and in the lead up to International Women’s Day, Echoview is proud to celebrate our fabulous female staff.

We are pleased to introduce Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer Miranda Hunt. Miranda is part of the team responsible for the quality assurance (QA) of Echoview Software. Echoview takes QA very seriously to ensure that our hydroacoustic data software is not only innovative, but also a stable and reliable tool to ensure our client’s analysis remains valuable, useable and accurate.

Her role includes assisting in the creation and vetting of new feature requirements as well as testing new features and bug fixes. As part of a four person team, she is also required to regularly try and break Echoview. This involves conducting over 2400 regression tests daily, over a 1,000,000 lines of code, to help ensure that any code changes do not impact existing functionality.

Miranda also works closely with our Development Team to ensure that Echoview continues to provide the best experience for our users. This is a critical role for our clients, and one which we value highly.

We were pleased to find out more about Miranda below. Thank you, Miranda!

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Name: Miranda Hunt

Job title: Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Q. What do you enjoy about your role at Echoview Software?

I really enjoy that I am part of a great team that cares about the work that we do. Getting it right is really important to everyone at Echoview.

This means that QA is valued and the QA team is involved across the whole software lifecycle, not just a bit of testing tacked on to the end of development.

It is the first place I have worked where there is almost as many QA roles as developers in the development team.

Q. What led you to where you are today?

A somewhat winding path that has included studies in Mathematics, Politics and Philosophy followed by a Computer Science degree.

I worked for more than ten years in software development in wealth management and information/marketing services - while based in Melbourne and then remotely after I relocated to Hobart in 2011.

I joined Echoview in 2018. It was great to find an opportunity at a Hobart-based company where I could do interesting work.

Q. What do you like about working for a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) company?

I have always (and continue to be) interested in how all the elements of STEM can be applied to solve real world problems. It is great to be part of a solution.

Q. What advice would you give to young women thinking about pursuing a similar career?

My colleagues, Briony and Suenor, have already given some great advice. To their suggestions I will add…

Seek out good people to work with and learn from.

Know yourself and others – understanding a little of how people (and teams) interact can be very useful in work and life.

Be bold – ask that question, go for that role. The ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ adage has persisted for a reason.

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