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Echoview webinar now available

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Watch our ‘Introduction to the Code Operator’ webinar recording on YouTube

Echoview’s Vasaant Krishnan recently presented a webinar introducing the Code operator to our users across the globe. The Code operator is an Echoview virtual variable available with the Advanced Operators module, and links Echoview with the Python programming language.

In this webinar, you will learn about the overarching theory that underpins the Code operator, and be guided through the classes contained in the Echoview Python package, including the OperatorBase, OperandInput, Measurement and MeasurementType classes to discover how they can connect directly to ping data.

To find out more about how the Code operator can enhance your scientific hydroacoustic analyses, please watch the recording of the webinar here.

For more information on the Code operator, please contact or refer to the Using the Code operator page in Echoview’s Help file.

Thank you to Vasaant who presented the Code Operator Course. He did a really great job. It was a lot of material: presented well and with sufficiently well formulated slides that allowed this attendee to know what section I needed to focus on as he spoke.
— Louise P. McGarry (Webinar participant)
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