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Echoview Software attending Oceanology International (OI2024) in London, UK.


Echoview Software is pleased to be attending Oceanology International (OI2024) from the 12-14 of March this year

Oceanology International serves as the premier forum where industry, academia, and government come together to share knowledge and engage with the global marine science and ocean technology communities.

With more than 25 years of experience in hydroacoustic science and software development, we are looking forward to catching up with our colleagues, partners and friends on how the use of active acoustics with single-beam and multibeam echosounders can support sustainable ocean management.

Echoview® is our premier product, acknowledged worldwide for its comprehensiveness, flexibility, and reliability in processing hydroacoustic data. It effectively handles data from a wide range of echosounders, acoustic Doppler current profilers, and imaging sonars adapting to configurations on both mobile and stationary platforms.

Echoview empowers users with the capability to automate processing and visually explore and analyze data for efficient, comprehensive studies of both the water column and seabed.

Echoview is trusted by government, scientists, commercial fishers, fish producers, and non-government organizations in over 65 countries. From scientific research to aquaculture, commercial fishing and environmental monitoring, we can help you achieve your goals with hydroacoustics.

Echoview Regional Sales Manager, Mike Palin, will be available to chat about how Echoview can help with your hydroacoustic data processing needs, questions, or inquiries about Echoview licensing, Consulting and Client services, training, and more.

To catchup with Mike please email:

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