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Do you currently undertake seaweed research and management?

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20 March, 2023

Seaweed research and management

Seaweed management is an important part of maintaining sustainable and healthy marine ecosystems. Hydroacoustic data collection is becoming an increasingly useful tool for remote sensing observations of seaweed distribution, abundance, and biomass.

Did you know that echosounder and sonar data recordings of seaweed can be visualized, cleaned, and analyzed using Echoview? Our advanced software makes it easy to process your data collected as part of ecological, biological and environmental studies, habitat mapping, or for commercial seaweed farming.

Take a look at the video below showing sample vegetation data recorded by hardware systems from ENL WASSP, Kongsberg Mesotech M3, BioSonics Inc. DT-X and Kongsberg Maritime EM2040, to see Echoview’s capabilities in action.

By using Echoview to analyze acoustic data, researchers and environmental managers can gain valuable insights into the distribution, density, and health of seaweed. This information can be used to support the management and conservation of marine ecosystems, as well as the development of sustainable seaweed practices.

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