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Echoview Software is pleased to be exhibiting at Acoustics 23 Sydney

16 November, 2023

Echoview Software at Acoustics Sydney 2023

We are excited to be a part of Acoustics 23 Sydney, co hosted by the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) and the Australian Acoustical Society (AAS), from 4-8 December in Sydney, Australia.

This collaborative event will incorporate the Western Pacific Acoustics Conference (Wespac) and the Pacific Rim Underwater Acoustics Conference (PRUAC).

Over 800 industry professionals, researchers, and educators from Australia, the USA, and the rest of the world are expected to attend.

The Australian Acoustical Society provides a source of expertise in acoustics to the public, private corporations, small business, the legal system, standards organizations, regulatory bodies and government.

Drawing on over 25 years of expertise in hydroacoustic science and software development, Echoview Software eagerly anticipates engaging with industry professionals to discuss the application of hydroacoustics in aquatic research.

Our flagship product, Echoview®, has garnered a global reputation for its unparalleled comprehensiveness, flexibility, and reliability in processing hydroacoustic data. Echoview is used for a wide range of applications including stock assessment, ecosystem level monitoring, behavioral studies, bottom classification, mapping of submerged vegetation, and locating underwater gas seeps.

Echoview handles data recorded by a diverse array of echosounders and sonars, catering to both mobile and stationary platform configurations.

Echoview empowers users by providing the capability to visually explore and analyze data, facilitating in-depth investigations of both the water column and seabed. It supports a wide spectrum of hydroacoustic research and projects, applicable to both freshwater and marine environments.

Our Product Manager, Briony Hutton, along with Technical Writer, Vasaant Krishnan, are excited to respond to any inquiries regarding Echoview.

Our presence at Acoustics 23 Sydney underscores our dedication to advancing our expertise in the field and collaborating with industry leaders in Australia and worldwide. We invite you to visit our booth, explore our software, and engage with our experts to see firsthand how Echoview is making strides in the industry.

To schedule a meeting with us during the event or arrange a meetup nearby, feel free to contact us at

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