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Echoview 13: We are excited to present our biggest release ever

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Echoview 13: powerful, intelligent, efficient – our most exciting release ever has arrived!

Echoview 13 is all about you and our commitment to supporting your hydroacoustic data processing experience with valuable functionality and the latest technologies. Developed in conjunction with our ongoing collaboration and consultation with users, industry, and partners, this release ensures that your Echoview experience is faster, easier, and more intuitive.

If you are not already familiar with the range of powerful new features, you will enjoy the enhanced performance, new operators and automation tools, support for multiple new hardware file formats, and implementation of the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Highlights include:

Machine learning

The exciting debut of machine learning in Echoview 13 will make standard data processing steps faster and easier through automatic identification of features in your hydroacoustic data. Developed in collaboration with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Oceans and Atmosphere in Hobart, Australia, Echoview 13 includes a trained inference model that detects a bottom exclusion line in single beam echograms.

New and expanded operators

We’ve added a host of new operators, including Background Noise Estimation, Signal to Background Noise Ratio, XxYxZ Statistic, and the Near-Field Depth Estimation virtual line.

Dataflow toolbox

A new toolbox is available for the Dataflow window, providing an easy way to drag-and-drop new virtual variable, line, surface, scene, transducer, and sticky note objects into your workflow, plus other helpful capabilities.

Easy, publication-quality images

Experience complete control over the creation of echogram images, with the easy generation of pictures for use in presentations and publications, to train machine learning models, or for quick and easy data review via scripting.

Performance boosts

Echoview 13 includes multithreading support for all virtual variables that take acoustic data as input, improving performance and usability - especially beneficial for those working with targets in imaging sonar data.

Support for multiple new hardware file formats

Echoview 13 now supports even more data sources from a range of over 75 echosounders and sonar models from 17 brands so you can process even more types of hydroacoustic data.

New automation capabilities and tools

New tools include how you can script the creation of new virtual lines using CreateLine, as well as added new methods ClassifyRegionAll to avoid MATLAB syntax issues with ClassifyRegion, and Regions.DeleteAll to remove all regions of a specific class.

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Plus many, many more!

For more details on all our new features in Echoview 13, you can visit our latest release page as well as visit the (new look) Echoview online help file.

Echoview 13 is available to all license holders with an up-to date Maintenance and Technical Support (MATS) plan or an active subscription or lease.

Echoview 13 can be downloaded here from our website or, if you have a previous version of Echoview already installed, the new version can be accessed by starting Echoview, going to the Help menu and then clicking Check For Updates.

Contact us with any questions you may have about Echoview 13 and how our latest release can make your hydroacoustic data processing faster, easier and more intuitive.

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