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Echoexplore 4 is coming soon!

Echoexplore Hydroacoustic Data File Catalog 2024
14 March, 2024

Echoexplore 4 is coming soon

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Get ready to transform your hydroacoustic data management. Echoexplore 4 is coming soon.

Echoexplore is the essential tool for scientists, researchers, commercial fishers, and other aquatic professionals to effortlessly manage their echosounder and sonar data files.

Echoexplore ensures you can quickly locate your files when you need them.

Whether you want to find particular data sets, sort and browse through lists or maps, filter based on parameters such as geographical position, date, time, hardware model, pulse duration, transmitted power and more, Echoexplore is the tool you need.

With our next update, Echoexplore 4, on the horizon, we are pleased to provide you with a sneak peek into some of the exciting new features coming.

Echoexplore hydroacoustics data catalog

Key highlights

Catalog even more file formats

Echoexplore is compatible with data files logged by a range of echosounder and sonar hardware manufacturers. Echoexplore 4 allows you to read an increased range of file formats, now completely aligned with Echoview's supported formats – more than 75 echosounder and sonar models from more than 17 manufacturers.

Expanded licensing

Introducing easier license activation and management! Echoexplore introduces support for software license activation – so you can use the additional licensed capabilities easily and readily.

File indexing

In Echoexplore 4 you will experience faster data access with file indexing, seamlessly handling existing files and effortlessly creating new Echoview Index (EVI) files where no EVI files exist.

Operating system support

Echoview 4 is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems.

Echoview Survey Suite License

Echoview: Survey Suite

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For those with an existing Survey Suite license for Echoview, licensed access to Echoexplore (including updates) is already included.

Survey Suite is designed to support the collection, visualization and cataloging of echosounder and sonar data, whether in the field or in the office. Survey Suite provides an efficient, flexible, and reliable solution for hydroacoustic data analysis in diverse research and survey settings.

If you would like more information on Echoview’s Survey Suite, please click here.

Stay tuned for the exciting unveiling of Echoexplore 4, coming soon.

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If you would like to discover how you can have an Echoexplore 4 license, please visit our webpage here, or contact to discuss your options.

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