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Coming soon in Echoview 12: mouse pointer duplication across multiple windows

4 February, 2021

Would you like to compare and explore data more easily? Echoview 12 includes the ability to duplicate the mouse pointer across all visible echogram, graph, and cruise track windows, making it easy to inspect and cross-reference your data.

In the below image, the active mouse pointer is highlighted in yellow to show mouse movement within the Sv echogram in the lower right. The ping graph, power echogram, multibeam echogram and cruise track all show a marker to indicate the same time and/or depth for the data that each window is currently displaying.


Mouse pointer duplication can easily be turned on and off via a new toolbar button and keyboard shortcut.

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  • Full control over graph axis limits
  • Graphs in the Calibration Assistant

Stay tuned for previews of other new features coming in Echoview 12.

Echoview 12 will be available for beta testing in the coming months. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of the beta release, as well as other news from the Echoview team, and contact if you have any questions regarding licensed access to Echoview.

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