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Echoview Software is pleased to introduce the Code operator tutorial

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29 June, 2023

Introducing the new Code operator tutorial by Echoview Software!

Unlock the power of the Code operator in Echoview with our latest and most exciting tutorial. This comprehensive guide is your gateway to creating and customizing your own Code operator programs for your hydroacoustic data processing.

The Code operator is an interface between Echoview and the Python programming language. Now, there is endless scope for transforming ping sample data according to algorithms of your design---your imagination is the limit!

We will approach the topic from the basics. The first steps guide you through creating and setting up a Code operator in Echoview. Next you will practice generating the default Echoview Python source file. This is the crucial component linking your Python commands and Echoview. It is where you program the behavior of the Code operator.

Next, you execute the default Echoview Python source file and discover what it does. Then make a single modification to it to see the effect on the ping sample data. It may be a small step, but it is the first one on the path of endless possibilities. But that isn't all! Our tutorial then shows you how to enhance your Code operator programs by adding operands and manipulating the ping sample data from these operands. From here you dive into the Window size (pings) setting, which varies the number of pings the Code operator processes at a time.

Finally, enhance your learning and challenge yourself by taking on the four exercises at the end. We provide the data, EV files and the solution Echoview Python source file for each exercise, so you can put your newfound knowledge and skills to the test.

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Throughout each section we provide step-by-step descriptions of the Python commands and visuals to illustrate the concepts. Be assured of knowing what the commands are doing at each stage.

Go ahead and take the plunge! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity in taking the first steps to master the Code operator. Download the Introduction to the Code operator tutorial from our tutorial page.

Also be sure to check out the Code operator webinar.

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