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Media Release: The Blue Economy CRC Welcomes New Partner Echoview Software

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9 March, 2023


The Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre (BE CRC) is pleased to announce their new partnership with Echoview Software, the industry-leading hydroacoustic data processing science and software experts.

Established in 2019, Blue Economy CRC is an independent not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and is a Cooperative Research Centre under the Australian Government’s CRC Program.

With a 10-year life, the Blue Economy CRC brings together 44 industry, government, and research partners from ten countries with expertise in aquaculture, marine renewable energy, maritime engineering, environmental assessments and policy and regulation.

The BE CRC undertakes industry-focused research and training to support the growth of the Blue Economy with an emphasis on two emerging and transitioning ocean industries for Australia: offshore aquaculture and renewable energy production.

For over 25 years, Echoview Software has been providing the industry standard in hydroacoustic data processing software for water column research and projects in marine and freshwater environments. With customers in over 60 countries, their ongoing collaboration with governments, scientists, commercial fishing companies and non-government organisations contributes to the understanding and sustainable use of aquatic resources globally.

“Echoview Software’s aspirations for the energy and aquaculture sector show strong alignment with the Blue Economy CRC’s mission and strategy” says Blue Economy CEO, Dr. John Whittington.

“We look forward to collaborating on tailored new solutions for the offshore energy and aquaculture sectors.”

Brett Merritt, CEO of Echoview Software said, “We are thrilled to be joining the Blue Economy CRC and supporting the sustainable use of our oceans and marine resources with our expertise in hydroacoustic science and software.”

“Echosounder and sonar data collection and subsequent analysis with Echoview® will provide sophisticated information for offshore aquaculture and renewable energy developments to industry members, researchers, regulators, community, and other stakeholders of the Blue Economy CRC.”

“We are excited to be connecting and collaborating with other partners and believe that with the breadth and versatility of our software, alongside our knowledge of hydroacoustic science, we can contribute to the sustainable use of aquatic resources globally and the protection of the marine environment."

The Echoview Software team includes highly skilled Australian and international scientists, developers, and technicians who bring expertise and extensive sector connections.

They offer solutions for the analysis of hydroacoustic data collected in aquatic environments - a key tool for underwater research, enabling easy and accurate observation of fine-scale behaviour, ecosystem-level monitoring, stock assessment, habitat classification, and ecological studies of fish, plankton, vegetation, and marine mammals.

Hydroacoustic data can be collected from virtually any platform, such as research vessels, towed platforms, USVs, ROVs, and moorings, and then Echoview’s many built-in processing and visualisation tools can be applied onboard or remotely in offsite locations.


For more information on the Blue Economy CRC please visit their website here.

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