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A free webinar in April: Echoview’s Code operator

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The Code operator

The Code operator is bundled with the Advanced Operators module and is Echoview's most versatile operator. It links you and your favorite hydroacoustics analysis software—Echoview—with the Python programming language.

Now, you have endless scope for analyzing echograms—your imagination is your limit!

Webinar details

Join Echoview's Technical Writer, Vasaant Krishnan, in this free webinar to discover the Code operator. Learn about the overarching theory that underpins the Code operator. Then understand the classes in the Echoview Python package that connect you directly to ping data. Finally, we will examine two examples to demonstrate how the Code operator has the power to enhance your scientific analyses.

Duration: 45 minutes (30 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes for Q&A).


Session A:

  • Monday 11 April 2022 at 21:00 UTC
  • Best for people based in North America and South America (e.g. 2pm PDT, 4pm CDT, 5pm EDT, 5pm CLST or 7am on 12 April AEST)
  • Click here to register for session A

Session B:

  • Tuesday 12 April 2022 at 08:00 UTC
  • Best for people based in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania (e.g. 9am BST, 10am SAST, 5pm JST, 6pm AEST)
  • Click here to register for session B

Please contact if you have any questions.

Did you know, recordings of our previous webinars can be watched on Echoview's YouTube channel here?

Dr Vasaant Krishnan

Vasaant Krishnan is an integral part of Echoview Software's development team. He is an avid fan of science and technology, having studied mathematics and physics at the University of Tasmania. Prior to his recruitment at Echoview, he worked as an astronomer at observatories in Australia, Italy, Germany and South Africa. He therefore comes with a wealth of experience in the scientific field and is thrilled to be exploring new frontiers at Echoview.

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