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Echoview offers three licensing options for your organization: Analysis Suite, Survey Suite, and Habitat Classification.

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  • Analysis Suite

    For those needing the full power of Echoview and its extensive tools for exploring, processing, and analyzing hydroacoustic data.

  • Survey Suite

    Designed to support the collection, visualization, and cataloging of echosounder data, whether in the field or in the office.

  • Habitat Classification

    Characterize and classify the nature of submerged vegetation and the bottom from echosounder backscatter measurements.

Echoview 12 highlights


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Echoview 13 sneak peak interface improvements.png
News Coming soon in Echoview 13: interface improvements for easier data processing

Echoview 13 includes many user interface adjustments to make Echoview easier and more enjoyable to use. This sneak peek highlights our improved Dataflow layout, template EV file browsing, and exported file splitting.

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Echoview job vacancy.jpg
News Echoview job vacancy: Hydroacoustics Specialist

Echoview Software’s science team is growing, and we’re looking for candidates with experience in active hydroacoustic data processing using Echoview or other software.

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Job advert WHOI.png
News Vacancy: Postdoctoral Investigator Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution US

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s The Ocean Twilight Zone (OTZ) project is hiring two postdoctoral investigators to focus on midwater ecosystems and organisms.

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Echoview June newsletter.png
News Echoview June Newsletter

New training course dates out now, Echoview 13 sneak peek and more.

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EV 13 sneak peek image exports.png
News Coming soon in Echoview 13: complete control of echogram image exports

Echoview 13 makes it easy to create publication-quality images of your echogram data.

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